Lila Dona, Handcrafted Scented Candles Maker

Lila Dona

Lila Dona brand

Lila Dona is an artisanal scented candle factory located in Seclin in northern France. The workshop was created in November 2022. Lila Dona is a registered trademark.


The creation of the Lila Dona brand followed a personal experience of buying candles in a supermarket. Holding the candle in my hands, I asked myself several questions :

  • Is it paraffin or vegetable wax?
  • Are there any novel substances in the candle’s fragrance?
  • Is this candle safe for my health?

Still, I bought this candle with some trepidation. Most of my questions remained unanswered. The candle remained mostly in a cupboard and was of little use. Faced with this dissatisfaction, I decided to launch my own candle brand.

Our goal

Lila Dona is committed to producing premium candles that respect the environment and your health. Our guidelines are :

  1. Use of natural, unmodified vegetable wax
  2. Choice of high-quality, CMR-free French fragrances
  3. Recyclable containers